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Paul Skanes​

President / CEO

613 227 7285




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About Mini-Donut Express​  ' We Deliver Smiles :) '​

This "Road Show" business model was founded in 2008 and consisted of our President, a Mini Donut Machine and a Dream. Today we are  growing  with many Vendor Partners.  We operate in Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec and Greater Toronto with plans to expand to other markets in 2018.

We found our ground within the INDEPENDENT GROCER chain in 2008 and rotate "pop up" kitchens within that group of Supermarkets within all of Ontario. 

In 2012 we started rotations with Costco Canada and found we could not easily meet the production requirements of the huge membership in their warehouses. In 2014 we backed away from this business but plan to re-enter their warehouses in 2018 with a fresh new model able to meet the sales demand while maintaining a quality product. Watch for updates soon with this Vendor Partner. 


Our most recent expansion has begun with Walmart Canada. We are opening four kitchens in October 2018  which will service 24 Walmart Stores in Western Quebec, Eastern Ontario and up the St. Lawrence Seaway to Trenton.


We recently expanded our operations facility with a move to a Modern 3600 square ft facility in Metcalf Ontario where we operate a HACCP Compliant Production Center and Central Operations Facility


​We Deliver Smiles! :)​

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